Hi,<BR>I&#039m a newbie to ASP, just setting up my first ASP web page. The scripts and everything work fine on PWS, but when I try it out on IIS it only works partially.<BR>I have a page that should show a list of partial records in an Access database. The first time it works fine. When I try to move to page 2, or display the full details for one of the records I get an error message &#039Provider error &#039 80004005&#039 Unspecified error &#039 and even if all I do is refresh the previous page that had shown correctly the same message is repeated.<BR>Unfortunately this is the first use of ASP on the site so no-one here knows anything about this either.<BR><BR>Can someone help please<BR>Regards<BR>Bernard Davis<BR>bd@kgv.ac.uk<BR><BR>