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    i have two forms and i need to feed one result into the other, so i can then add info to a database.<BR>is it best to use hidden fields and how do i go about doing that???(i have to use 2 forms and cannot use one)<BR><BR>thanks very much for any help<BR>katie

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    Katie,<BR>You can create your hidden fields with &#060;input type="hidden" name="yourHiddenFieldName"&#062;. When you submit the form, the hidden fields/values will be sent along with it. On your second page, you should be able to retrieve the values with Request.Form("yourHiddenFieldName").<BR><BR>HTH,<B R>Jairo

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    Opps, You forgot the value tag.. :)<BR>&#060;input type="hidden" name="FieldName" value="FieldValue"&#062;<BR><BR>But remember, hidden fields are not securely hidden, they just aren&#039t displyed on the screen. A simple View...Source will show them.

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