I´ve got a big problem with my ASP Script

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Thread: I´ve got a big problem with my ASP Script

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    Default I´ve got a big problem with my ASP Script

    Hello!<BR><BR>I have written an intranet mail system!<BR>When you compose a message you can click to a button "To.."<BR>then a window opens where you can search the recipient (sorry for my bad english, because I am a german guy!)<BR>When you have found the recipient you want to send the message to<BR>you can click on the name of the recipient an the adress is written into the "to..." field!<BR><BR>And now my question:<BR>Hoe can I realize it, whenn I´ve clicked onto the recipient´s name, that the window will close????<BR><BR>Thank you!<BR><BR>Best regards<BR><BR>Marcel Hunold

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    Default Easier to do with client JS help...

    This is not a direct answer, but I have done something quite similar with a calendar that writes a date back into a form. That is, the calendar window pops up, you choose a date, it puts that date into the form in the original page, and then the calendar popup closes itself.<BR><BR>Replace the calendar with your list of email addresses and I think you have the same idea.<BR><BR>If you would like to see the calendar popup demo, go to www.ClearviewDesign.com/NEWBIE and select it from the list of demos there.<BR><BR>

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