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    Can there be an asp page that runs every day to delete records that are 2 weeks old. I know the page can be done, but make it run by itself at a certain hour of the day.

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    While it is not exactly what you are looking for, I run a delete SQL in the Session_OnStart of the global.asa. This of course assumes you aren&#039t using sessionless asp pages.<BR>For example<BR>set conn=server.creatobject("adodb.connection")<BR>con DSN,user,pword &#039whatever yours are<BR>sql="DELETE FROM your_table where Time_Field &#060; " & (date-14)<BR>conn.execute sql<BR><BR><BR>I am not sure of the (date-14) part but I am sure you get the idea. This take a second when each user hits the site but it might be often enough and OK for you.<BR><BR>Another option is to put essentialy the same code into a vb executable and run it on a scheduled basis using any one of the freely available task schedulers. (we use WinAT)<BR><BR>Mike<BR>

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