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    Daniel Sommars Guest

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    Does anyone know if there is a roundabout way to use a SSI with a variable? Specifically, I&#039d like to know how to get a variable that I&#039ve sifted from a query into a SSI.<BR><BR>"strX = abc" is pulled out of my query, but how can I use this info to bring up "abc.txt"?<BR><BR>-D<BR>

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    jason Guest

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    can&#039t do it, the reason being, SSI&#039s are processed before any of your code is run.<BR><BR>you can use server.execute in IIS5 to do something similar, ish, or coldfusion, which allows dynamic cfincludes, but not with asp/ssi<BR><BR>jason

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    Daniel Sommars Guest

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    Well, that&#039s not really the answer I was looking for, but what can you do?<BR><BR>Thanks helping me out, Jason... it&#039s appreciated. I guess I&#039ll have to wait until I get this hosted before I test it out... or buy WINNT for the IIS. Cha-ching!<BR><BR>-D

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