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    Everyone is saying that session variables are bad because of the memory issue. I was wondering how the Dictionary Object stored its data. This is for a large B2B application so performence does matter. Sessions are out but I am still trying to decide between Cookies, Dictionary and a temperary table.

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    what do you mean? if you want the dictionary object to persist across pagfes, you&#039ll have to store it in a session variable anyway, so you&#039re looking at the same (or worse) overhead. If persistence really is sritical, then storing on the server is safer than using cookies, but possibly the best way is to keep information passing between pages via querystring or form vars. depending on the size of the info it shouldn&#039t slow the application appreciable, and is pobably the quickest of the lot, all things considered<BR><BR>jason<BR>http://infinitemonkeys.atrax.co.uk/<BR>

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    Default C is for Cookie, that's good enough for me

    The standard ASP Dictionary object is the worst of all possible solutions.<BR><BR>And, just incidentally, it can NOT be used as an Application value, because its threading model is wrong.<BR><BR>If session values won&#039t work for you, then you are surely stuck using something client-side (cookies, or passing the info in hidden form fields from page to page) or using a database table. But if you use a database table, then how do you know which entry in the table corresponds to the current user? Answer: You store his/her id in a cookie. Or pass it around from page to page. Can you say "Joy and light"?<BR><BR>

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