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    Hi, i am currently using access as my database. thinking about MySqL and MsServer. can enlighten me the here&#039s and how tos? thanx

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    What DBMS you use really depends on what you are using it for...<BR>I use SQL Server 7.0, but I am an intranet developer for a company with 16,000 people, and my websites are used in production by as many people simulataneously. Access would, pardon the expression, crap the bed with that many requests, particularly because most of the requests involve retrieving fairly large recordsets. I recommend spending an afternoon in Barnes & Noble with a latte, reading about each DBMS you are interested in, and see which best suits your needs. Everyone&#039s opinion, of course, is always biased towards their application of choice, so just get the facts and see which best suits your needs. Good luck.<BR>Kristin

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