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    I just purchased SAMS Teach yourself ASP 3.0 in 21 Days and my problem lies in starting up. I have FrontPage 98 and I have Microsofts PWS installed on my machine. I tried to run the first ASP application on page 10(listing 1.1, CurrentTime.asp) after installing it in the root directory, and the server isn&#039t processing the data, only the HTML is recognized. The server IS turned on and I checked the program about a dozen times for syntax errors and I&#039m at a total loss. I even uploaded the file to my website to try it on that server but I&#039m getting the same thing, only the HTML is processed, and the ASP code is still present in the source code. Is the PWS for FP98 able to handle this code, or is there a problem with the program? Please Help!

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    It Should Work. Did You Make Sure That ASP Was Installed?? I Found That If YOu Have Win 95,98 That You Should Install Off The Windows CD.

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