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    Is it possible to send a message to an IP address.<BR>We are running an intranet and want to be able to send a popup<BR>message to another machine by using it&#039s IP, unless there is<BR>a better alternative.<BR><BR>Any responses will be welcomed

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    If you were using ASP, then I assume a page would always be open.<BR><BR>Using Session, set variable &#039private_message&#039 to 0. Whenever somebody sends message, have p_m = p_m + 1. Set a frame that refresh&#039s every 20 seconds or every minute or something.<BR><BR>That is a bare bones approach used on many forums.

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    If it several pages long, set an include file which checks for the message number on each page.<BR><BR>If message shows up, have a javascript popup which links to message.<BR><BR>If you want to go all out, change the IE dll file and add in the include to each page (that is bit extreme though). Heck, make your own browser using the dll l-)<BR><BR>Or you can just download FireTalk lol

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