This quetion is related to two topics <BR>1)Databse(Oracle 7.x,8.X) and<BR>2)Asp <BR><BR>My quetion is, how to save images in database (Oracle) and how to pull it from database through asp to show them on web pages?<BR><BR>Well tried hard to get my work done. But couldn&#039t succeed.<BR>Well what I tried is listed below<BR><BR>Step1&#062; First I created one table with two coloumns having data types varchar2 for storing names and long raw for storing images.<BR><BR>Step2&#062; Then I wrote little program to store images in database.<BR>Porgram was written in VB6. It&#039s working as follows<BR>First it reads the iamges which could be .gif ir .tif in chunks and then it used append it to recordset object of ADO. Then updating it to a database.<BR><BR>Step3&#062; It was with database. Now lets go on ASP coding.<BR>It is very simple one. I created connection, recordset and query to pull images. Then I specified type if HTML header through <BR>response.ContentType, I alse enabled the buffer.<BR>After that I wrote <BR>response.BinaryWrite rs.Fields("ColumnName")<BR><BR>What I wrote was a simple code given in every book. But it is not working.<BR><BR>When I execute that page it shows error ICON i.e.<BR><BR>So can anybody please tell me what could be the possible reason.<BR><BR>I want to show all type of images from database like GIF,tif etc<BR><BR>Ragards<BR>Amit<BR>