Any one have any experience with the websupergoo upload component. It used to be called imageGoo, and is now called imageGlue.<BR><BR>The thing works perfectly on my local environment, but when I move it to my production environment(same setup!) I get inconsistant behavior and error that look like:<BR><BR>ImageGlue.Canvas.1 error &#039 80004005&#039 <BR><BR>A QuickTime error occurred indicating that it does not support this type of image (-2003). Draw Data: Data={345 bytes, 0x38464947 0x003c6139 ...} Type={C:developmentClubMomClubMom_Localimagesadmin .gif} Parameters={} Canvas={Width=0 Height=0 Depth=32 Buffer=0} Unable to draw file. <BR><BR>/advisorAdmin/personalize/BrokerPreview.asp, line 140 <BR><BR>This feels like a longshot, but if you had any experience with this I would love it, if you could shoot an email to. <BR><BR>