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    N. Jones Guest

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    Hi, I was wondering if anyone could point me to a good Debugging article or something that could elplain to me what the proper process would be to debug ASP and Javascript within ASP. I haven&#039t been able to find much and what I have found hasn&#039t explain some key concepts clearly, such as breakpoints, etc.<BR>Thanks in advance,<BR>Newman Jones.

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    Steve M Guest

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    This is surprisingly difficult. You could do something like the following.<BR>1. Run a PWS on your machine. You can&#039t debug a script on a remote one as far as I know.<BR>2. Install the Microsoft Script Debugger from the NT Option Pack4, or the MS site. Also install the internet service manager if you haven&#039t already.<BR>3. Create a virtual directory for your asp script. Go into it&#039s settings using the internet service manager and check the server/client debugging checkboxes, or you won&#039t get breakpoints.<BR>4. Reboot.<BR>5. Navigate to your URL on the local machine. Then fire up the script debugger and click on the active documents treeview. Double click either a server or client file to open it and enable some breakpoints with F9.<BR>6. Back in your browser, refresh your page, click a button, etc to hit the breakpoints.<BR><BR>There may (must?) be an easier way. If you have Interdev, you can install Frontpage extensions and debug with it (it won&#039t work without them). I couldn&#039t get this method to work without also installing the script debugger. Interdev lets you watch variables and collections, whereas the script debugger just lets you trace out values in an immediate pane. Either way it&#039s tempermental and a rather blunt instrument (as is ASP), but it beats Response.Write().<BR><BR>Hope that helps get you started.

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