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    patricia Guest

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    how do I turn a list of field values from a submitted form into an array. I can print these values on the screen using the code below, but I would really like to turn this into an array that can be used to write an &#039insert&#039 query:<BR><BR>for each item in Request.Form <BR> Response.write request(item) & ", "<BR>next<BR><BR>any ideas???

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    dim vals(number_of_fields), ncols<BR><BR>ncols = 0<BR>for each item in Request.Form <BR> vals(ncols) = request(item)<BR> ncols = ncols + 1<BR>next<BR><BR>Did I understand your question correctly?<BR>

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    patricia Guest

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    Hi Derek<BR><BR>Thanks for your help. This is just what I wanted.

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