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    I am needing to call several different stored procedures from my ASP and then send users to different pages (and send some variables) based upon the data returned from the stored procedures. <BR><BR>What is the best way to do this? <BR><BR>Can I somehow call all the stored procedures from the same page?<BR><BR>Or should I call the stored procedures from another asp and just use that page to execute the stored procs and then redirect based on the return to the necessary pages? If I do this and have to send a bunch of variables, is the query string a good way to go?<BR><BR>Thank you much.

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    As far as I know<BR><BR>you can call them all from the same page, grab the return info you need, and either put it in session vars or append it to the querystring. <BR>If the info in the querystring isn&#039t real secure info, it works fine, you can see whats getting passed, etc. I use a combo of hidden fields, querystring, and session vars.<BR><BR>hth

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    Yes, you can call more than one sproc from an ASP page. As far as storing variables, why not use cookies? I&#039m not a big fan of the query string, since some users have a nefarious habit of playing around with them.

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