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    How do I create a Stored Procedure in Access?<BR>I&#039ve got the sytax to create a simple SP but where do I go with it? <BR><BR>Create Procedure sp_SelectNEP<BR>AS<BR>Select Name, Email, Passwd FROM users<BR>GO

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    Matt Jacyno Guest

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    Access doesn&#039t support stored procedures, but it does let you define queries. If you build an Access query, you should be able to call it from ASP as though it were a stored proc.<BR><BR>HTH,<BR>Matt

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    A query in Access is more like a view in SQL Server - it doesn&#039t allow any of the programmatic constructs or row-level operations you can use in an SP. It&#039s basically just a stored SELECT query.<BR><BR>Dunc

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    Richard A. Lowe Guest

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    Yeah, you can pass parameters to Access queries and treat them just like sprocs in ADO, like Matt said.<BR><BR>In other words, I could write an ASP page using ADO that would call a parameter query in Access that would update a record given it&#039s id and the new value for a particular field. Then I could move the database (upsize it) to SQL Server or re-create it in Oracle somehow and do nothing but change the data source on the server and the ASP/ADO would simply point towards the same query (re-created as a stored procedure) and it would work.<BR><BR><BR>Just my 0.02<BR>Richard

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