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    Default javascript and IIS

    I know this isn&#039t right forum but the IIS board looks a lot less active.<BR><BR><BR>All I know about IIS is how to spell it.<BR><BR>I&#039m developing pages using PWS/interdev. My cliesnt side scripting is in javascript. When I copy my pages to IIS the client side javascript no longer executes. Client side script written in VBScript functions with either PWS or IIS.<BR><BR>Any ideas for a complete IIS neophyte?<BR><BR>Doug

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    Default Client scripting and IIS: Why related?

    CLIENT-side JS doesn&#039t execute???<BR><BR>Doesn&#039t make sense. Client side happens *in the browser*, right, so the server used should have ZERO to do with it.<BR><BR>Have you ever done "View &#124 Source" of one of these pages in the browser to see if there is any difference between what PWS is handing out and what IIS is doing? Seems like the best place to start, to me.<BR><BR>

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