FileSystemObject AND .doc file.. is it possible???

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Thread: FileSystemObject AND .doc file.. is it possible???

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    pari Guest

    Default FileSystemObject AND .doc file.. is it possible???

    hi,<BR>i wanted to kno whether we can create/read/update a .doc file using the FSO. i kno that a text file can be opened for updation <BR>is it possible?? if so how???<BR>thnx in adv<BR>pari

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    jason Guest

    Default RE: FileSystemObject AND .doc file.. is it possibl

    unless you know the exact details of the .doc format, you&#039re probably going to have a lot of trouble. you can copy and move any file with FSO, but really, only plain text format and similar formats (like html/xml) are usable in FSO. if you wanted to use PDF, that&#039s very possible<BR><BR>jason

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    pari Guest

    Default RE: FSO and .doc file..ya i have all details of .

    hi jason<BR>ya i kno it&#039ll be veri diff witha doc file.. but if i have all the details of the doc file like the size ( i dunno wat other details ur talkin) but suppose if i have all of them then how do i go bout it<BR>thnx<BR>pari

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    Default have you tried your trusty text editor lately????

    Have you tried opening a .doc file with a basic text editor lately.<BR><BR>I believe you will see the details he is talking about if you do. You would have to know the format that Microsoft has developed for .doc files.<BR><BR>HTH<BR><BR>Jerry

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