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    Andrew Proctor Guest

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    I&#039m an ASP/ADO/Web-database virgin, so please be gentle.<BR><BR>A number of companies hosting MSSQL7 databases offer various packages, some only allowing as few as 2 logins to a database per account.<BR><BR>Most of the (excellent) articles on your site show a connection being made whenever one is needed. <BR><BR>But if the number of logins is restricted, how would this work in practise ? When I produce my 50,000 hits-per-day award winning site, surely more than a handful of connections would be necessary.<BR><BR>Is there some clever trick as to where you create a connection object - in the Application start-up event perhaps (if this is possible?), and just reference the single connection object as required.<BR>

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    Dave Errington Guest

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    Your database connection only uses a single SQL account. If you have heaps of users to your site web pages, they all use the same SQL account to access SQL.<BR><BR>My Hosting Provider permits plenty of SQL accounts, but I get by with 2. One to be a superuser for the database that I access through MMC and Query Analyser, and one with limited access (read-only to most things) that is used for the actual site operations.<BR><BR>The details of this user is defined in my connection string I use the OLEDB method. This connection string can be in global.asa, or I have it in a file that is opened by the asp being executed.<BR><BR>What you may be alluding to is licensing - your providor should have purchased an Internet Data Connector licence from the big M to use with SQL7. That permits multiple anonymous users on the internet. This is not your direct problem.<BR><BR>So your final paragraph is correct. You have a single SQL account to access SQL.<BR><BR>

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