I would be grateful if anyone could help me out:<BR><BR>I&#039ve got an ASP script that takes data from a database (which is only updated a couple of times a day, via the web), and produces complex html directly to the clients browser. This is slow, as there is quite a bit of data.<BR>Ideally, I would like to produce a static html page on the server, whenever the database is updated, and serve this html page, instead of the asp one, so that database activity is minimized.<BR>I&#039ve already hit on two ideas: <BR><BR>1)Rewrite my ASP page, replacing all response.write&#039s with appropriate stuff to write to disk instead (which is a simple search and replace task in the ASP file), and doing the same for any free html code in the ASP (which is painful, because of the large amount of asp interdispersed with free html, and makes it difficult to update the html formatting if I need to in the future.)<BR>2)Creating a InetCtls.Inet object to fetch the processed asp file from the server itself, then writing it to disk - however my ISP does not support this.....<BR><BR>Is there any other way of doing this? Like changing the default output to a file instead of to the client somehow? There&#039s probably something obvious that I haven&#039t thought of....<BR><BR>Any help would be appreciated.<BR><BR>Regards<BR><BR>Dave