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    I need to know if it is possible to have a form post its information directly to a DLL, without an ASP calling it, and then return the pertinent information to the browser. I have noticed on many sites URL&#039s that end with search.dll?ID=4 and the page is populated with information. Upon viewing source it appears like they just named an html file, dll.<BR><BR>I already have an ASP that references the DLL and sends/receives the information to it, and I am looking to get rid of the middle layer, being the asp.<BR><BR>Any help would be appreciated.

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    What you are seeing is probably an ISAPI extension. What you are using are ASP components. Different animals altogether. The ISAPI is written in C++ and is considerably more difficult to develop and much faster and more scalable.<BR><BR>To answer your question directly, yes, it is possible to post form data directly to a .dll. If you are interested in some head banging code, go ahead and check out the sample project that comes with IIS: This project is available in the ...iissamplessdkisapiextensionsformdump subdirectory of the Internet services directory. Documentation on the sample can be found in the IIS docs.

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