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    K.Zig Guest

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    I have an Form where a person enters in a date in this format:<BR>00/00/00. I want the database to retrieve records from this date but keep getting Mismatch error. <BR><BR>SQL String looks like this<BR>strsql = "Select Stime From project where ((((Callocal)=&#039" & gotcloc & "&#039) and (((Date)=&#039" & gotresdate & "&#039))<BR><BR>What do I need to do? I set my access DB format to short date.

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    Gianfri Guest

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    Dear K.zig<BR><BR>probably the problem is this, when you use a sql query and you want to compare a date you&#039ve to use the # symbol before the " symbol, for example:<BR><BR>select ... where (dLastModDate =#" & your_date & "#)<BR><BR>I hope to solve your problem.<BR><BR>Cheers <BR>Gianfri

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