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    Hi I have a database created in Access 2000 and need to access it from a website that I am creating. I want the website to be dynamically updated when the db is updated. I also need to provide a secure members section as well. I was told that ASP was the way to go. My question is how do I get started. I have exported some files from the db to my web folder as ASP, but they don&#039t seem to work. I have a workstation and there is a proxy server in my office. How should I set it up so that I can test before I try to post it to the web. Thanks for any help and your patience for a newbie.

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    Your title nailed it. The book "ASP For Dummies" got me rolling so quickly and easily that I wish all newbies knew to check it out.<BR><BR>Your question/situation is rather complex to address in one post, so I&#039d recommend checking out the book. Your web pages will be dynamic in no time.<BR><BR>Good luck.

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