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    Rolly Guest

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    To all,<BR><BR>I am working on a website involved in travel arrangements. Currencies changes all the time and many quotations have to converted from US$ into local currencies.<BR><BR>Changing 16 pages every day is not an easy task. Would it be possible to use a dBase or other ASP where changes could be made more easy, i.e one page that correct all other pages ?<BR><BR>Any other suggestion ?<BR><BR>Best regards<BR>Roland den Roover<BR>

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    Stephan Zutterman Guest

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    What would be best ... two methods would be suitable I guess:<BR><BR>1° Create a configuration file you include at the beginning of each ASP that would contain all currency quotations towards US$ put in variables. All pages of ASP would then use the quotations you set up in the configuration file. I use this method to store all the layout settings of my website. Like if I would decide to change the background picture for my entire website I simple change one variable in the configuration file and my entire website is altered.<BR>2° Put all currency quotation in a database and then load up all currencies at the beginning of each page. Would make it easy also to create an update page by whom you can update the currencies easily.<BR><BR>

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    Rolly Guest

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    Thanks for a prompt reply ... To me it looks like option 2 is the one to go. I am very new using ASP, do you know of any sites that provide such a sample ?<BR><BR>Best regards<BR>Rolly

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