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    Hello there --<BR><BR>my company wants to start analyzing web traffic. Specifically, how many "unique visits" we get per week, the most popular pages on our website, peak hours, what browsers are used... in general, what I guess you&#039d call "normal stuff".<BR><BR>I would like to know the best way to get this information. We use an NT system, and Site Server is installed. I understand that Site Server has Traffic Analyzing capabilities, but -- and I&#039ll admit I haven&#039t examined it thoroughly -- my impression is that Site Server is not the best tool for the job.<BR><BR>Someone at work showed me how he previously used Site Server to analyze traffic, and either he didn&#039t know Site Server well, or Site Server had better re-engineer their product with user friendliness in mind!<BR><BR>In short, what tools do web professionals use to analyze traffic on their NT hosted sites? Is Site Server the way to go? What about a third party tool? Also, a general overview of what setting up traffic analysis -- and hopefully having it automated -- is much appreciated too!<BR><BR>Thanks for your time,<BR><BR>Max P.<BR>

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    My company uses Web Trends. Stats provided are decent but not outstanding.

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