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    Sorry may be in wrong place etc but I am about to embark on a job which will envolve creating: database backend and server side scripting to drive traffic through a site. Problem is they use macs with dreamweaver etc and host from Hiway - isp which has ms nt servers...will I be able to sort some ASP solution or will it not work with macs?!

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    You can code it wherever you want -- "words... words... Words."; it&#039s just that you won&#039t be able to really test it until you upload it to your ISP (which is really really obnoxious if you don&#039t have a dedicated line to said ISP...)<BR><BR>Alternately, Chili!Soft may have a Mac port for their ASP engine, trick being that 1) it may cost you a bit and 2) there&#039s the risk (fairly remote, but existent) that testing on a Chili!Soft port will not yield the same results as native NT/IIS setup.<BR><BR>HiH

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