I want to cry! Is it ASPMail or just me??? Help,

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Thread: I want to cry! Is it ASPMail or just me??? Help,

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    Mookie Guest

    Default I want to cry! Is it ASPMail or just me??? Help,

    Please help, fl1rt (you got me on the right track the other day) or anyone else!!<BR><BR>I just learned how to use ASPMail (a little bit of it anyway). I&#039ve never used any email components before because I have never developed anything for someone who wanted to send out newsletters. I suppose I would have to learn sometime, but now I&#039m under pressure to pick it all up now. I have searched the messageboard for email-related topics but haven&#039t seen my issue addressed...<BR><BR>I did well in that I got the whole thing to work. I have an application that allows the administrator to compose and send newsletters to email lists that s/he&#039s created.<BR><BR>So what&#039s the problem? Well, I have a feature that allows the composer to choose whether or not the newsletter has HTML or not. This helps me determine whether to use <BR>Mailer.ContentType= "text/html" <BR> or <BR>Mailer.ContentType= "text"<BR>to mail it. I want a plain text message to show up in the body and NOT as an attachment. That&#039s why I did this. [Perhaps there&#039s a better way] <BR><BR>What&#039s happening, though, is that when I test this feature, I get emails (MS Outlook) exactly as planned. I had the client (not using MS Outlook) try it out, though, and he gets plain text messages as an attachment. Furthermore, it is not just an attachment to be viewed in a browser; it wants him to choose whether or not he wants to open it in it&#039s current location or save it to disk - as if it was a program or something. That&#039s not right.<BR><BR>I don&#039t understand why there&#039s a difference. Are there email software compatibility issues to research? <BR><BR>This is how I send the email, if that&#039s any help:<BR><BR>Set Mailer = Server.CreateObject("SMTPsvg.Mailer")<BR>Mailer.QM essage = True<BR>Mailer.FromName = "Company Newsletter"<BR>Mailer.FromAddress = "someone@thecompany.com"<BR>Mailer.RemoteHost = "111.222.333.444"<BR>Mailer.Subject = rs("subject")<BR>If rs("html") = True Then<BR> Mailer.ContentType = "text/html" <BR>Else<BR> Mailer.ContentType = "text"<BR>End If<BR>Mailer.BodyText = rs("message")<BR>Mailer.AddBCC rs("subscriber_name"),rs("Email")<BR><BR>Do you have any insight to offer? I would be forever grateful. I just don&#039t know where to look. It&#039s especially difficult when it works for me, but the client sees the problem. How embarrassing!<BR><BR>Thanks, friends!<BR><BR>Mookie

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    Dean C Guest

    Default RE: I want to cry! Is it ASPMail or just me??? H

    Have you tried "text/plain" ?

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    Mookie Guest

    Default RE: I want to cry! Is it ASPMail or just me??? H

    It&#039s worth a try. Thanks

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