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Thread: ASP hangs with IIS4.0

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    Matiur Rahman Guest

    Default ASP hangs with IIS4.0

    Sorry to post it here too.<BR><BR>We are having about 10 web applications on the same web server that is IIS4.0 on a development environment. Most of the sites have ASP pages connecting SQL Sever 7 for data manipulations. Some times, ASP pages hang while loading the page.<BR><BR>There is another site which uses VB COM objects to connect the database. This site is working fine.<BR><BR>We are not sure where the problem is. Is it IIS4.0 or the Sequel Server? VB Client/Server application works fine with the same database. If anyone out there who had the same problem? I appreciate any feed back in this regards.<BR><BR>

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    SPG Guest

    Default Just a Thought...

    Is it possible that you&#039ve got an unterminated (recursive) loop -- maybe in a VB error-handling routine, for example? That would show up "occasionally" and split IIS 4 right down the middle. [It&#039s not pretty.]<BR><BR>Maybe it helps...

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    Matiur Rahman Guest

    Default RE: Thanks for the suggestion

    I shall look into it.

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