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    Matiur Rahman Guest

    Default ASP hangs with IIS4.0

    We are having about 10 web applications on the same web server that is IIS4.0 on a development environment. Most of the sites have ASP pages connecting SQL Sever 7 for data manipulations. Some times, ASP pages hang while loading the page.<BR><BR>There is another site which uses VB COM objects to connect the database. This site is working fine.<BR><BR>We are not sure where the problem is. Is it IIS4.0 or the Sequel Server? VB Client/Server application works fine with the same database. If anyone out there who had the same problem? I appreciate any feed back in this regards.<BR>

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    Markkk Guest

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    Q1: Are you connecting using an ODBC Driver, or via an OLE BD Provider?<BR><BR>OLE DB Providers are much faster than traditional ODBC type connection (about 8-10 time faster, so the benchmark studies state). Also, the Providers interact better with Microsoft&#039s Transaction Server (MTS). If you are not connecting using OLE DB Providers, I suggest that you try them out.<BR><BR>Q2: Is there any limitations to the Datbase Account name your are using to make your connections? Check with the database admin. If your account can have multiple simultaneous connections, you will be better off than be limited to a single (1) connection.<BR><BR>I hope this helps.

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