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Thread: A Problem With Date/Time. Please Help !!

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    hello. i would like to write a date like this: 28/6 15:05:55<BR>yes, thats the dateform i would like to have. (date/month h:m:s)<BR><BR>i do it with this response.write:<BR>no font face here. i took it away.<BR><BR>Response.Write "&#060;td bgcolor=&#039ffffff&#039 valign=&#039top&#039 align=&#039center&#039" & day(rs("T_date")) & "/" & month(rs("T_date")) & " " & hour(rs("T_date")) & ":" & minute(rs("T_date")) & ":" & second(rs("T_date")) & "&#060;/td&#062;"<BR><BR>it works, but if the date would be 28/6 15:00:00 ( &#060;&#060;--i want that form)<BR>it writes 28/6 15:0:0<BR><BR>Why!? Please help!!<BR><BR>I have looked at microsoft&#039s site, but i can&#039t find anything!!<BR>this.msdn.microsoft.com/scripting <BR>HELP!

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    New ASP Guest

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    Try the Build_in function:<BR><BR>FormatDateTime()<BR><BR>FormatDat eTime(Date[, NamedFormat])<BR><BR>The FormatDateTime function syntax has these parts:<BR><BR><BR>Function GetCurrentDate<BR> &#039FormatDateTime formats Date in long date <BR> GetCurrentDate = FormatDateTime(Date, 1) <BR>End Function<BR><BR>

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