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    Sharon Guest

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    Hi<BR><BR>I have a problem with abandoning sessions.<BR><BR>My application requires me to logon/logout. After logging in,<BR>the appl. prohibits a second login by checking a Session variable that I have set while logging in. This session variable is destroyed on logout through Session.abandon<BR><BR>My problem is a user can login/logout twice, however on the<BR>third time he<BR> is unable to log in because the session variable has not been<BR>destoyed inspite<BR> of abandoning the session - the browser has to be closed and<BR>opened again....And<BR> strangely, this happens only for some users(i.e. from certain<BR>browsers..some<BR> browser setting ??)<BR><BR>pls. do help me..<BR><BR> Regards.<BR>

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    gzazJim Guest

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    Have you tried setting a cookie rather than setting a session variable? Session variables, from my experience are notoriously buggy.<BR><BR>It may be worth a shot - good luck!<BR><BR>Jim

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