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    rinku Guest

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    Can the variables on the client side(like the ones used for client side validation )be accessed and used on the server side i.e within the asp program.If yes how and why??I want the answer urgently.Please someone help.

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    Franco Guest

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    If you want to use clientside variables in ASP code, then you will need to send them through to the page with the ASP code in the querystring. Eg suppose you have a variable called TesticularCancer and you want its value to be sent to the processing page on the click of a button:<BR><BR>function btnOK_click() {<BR>this.location="NextPage.asp?CancerType=" + TesticularCancer<BR>}<BR><BR>On NextPage.asp, grab the value by:<BR><BR>strCancerType=Request.QueryString("Canc erType")<BR><BR>hth<BR><BR>Franco<BR><BR>

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