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    lagerBoy Guest

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    Can anyone please explaing to me how to go about toggling the visiblility of a DIV in Netscape.<BR><BR>I can do it in IE by using:-<BR>document.all[elementID].style.display = "none" or "block"<BR><BR>How do you do it with the other 12% of browsers.

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    ashok ayengar Guest

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    you can set the .visibility property to show or hide.<BR>in netscape the value for visibility is "show" or "hide" but in IE it is "visible" and "hidden".<BR><BR>so for Netscape you have to code as<BR>document.layers.elemendID.visibility="show" or "hide"<BR><BR>and for IE<BR>document.all.elementID.style.visibility="vis ible" or "hidden"<BR><BR><BR>

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