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    i want to use asp in my wml code . but my wml browser refuses to accept it . i have got three browsers :-<BR> 1.klondike<BR> 2.upsdk<BR> 3.wapman( <BR> so, how should i proceed?<BR> please help...

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    Sorry, I&#039m not expert on wml but if the wml browsers only read wml and not html, there&#039s your problem. ASP is a language that is processed on the server and then is sent to the client in HTML form so if the browser can&#039t interpret it then it won&#039t work. Do your browsers show no ASP pages or just the one&#039s you&#039ve created? If its only the ones you&#039ve created it may be error in your script. Also, have you installed ASP on your machine? That&#039s another reason it may not work. Maybe post some more information and someone who know more than me can help you better. Hope some of what I said might help...<BR>Daemon.

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