Hi,<BR><BR>I write this code.<BR><BR>It returns J=4. I dont know how to change this. I want to response.write the values of the array in number order.<BR><BR>1: dim arrND(3), NumbDates, J, I, itemp<BR>2: NumbDates = 4<BR>3: <BR>4: arrND(0) = "605"<BR>5: arrND(1) = "603"<BR>6: arrND(2) = "809"<BR>7: arrND(3) = "507"<BR>8:<BR>9: For I = 0 to (NumbDates - 1)<BR>10: For J = 0 to (NumbDates -1)<BR>11: If arrND(J) &#062; arrND(J + 1) Then<BR>12: iTemp = arrND(J)<BR>13: arrND(J) = arrND(J + 1)<BR>14: arrND(J + 1) = iTemp<BR>15: Response.Write iTemp<BR>16: Response.Write "<BR>"<BR>17: End If<BR>18: Next<BR>19: Response.Write "w: " & I<BR>20: Next<BR><BR>If you could help, please let me know.<BR><BR>All help and time is appreciated.