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    I have read a book about ASP in Chinese. It says something really strange which is not mentioned in other ASP books I have read. Let me translate it into English and post it here.<BR><BR>Begin :<BR><BR>Set Conn=Server.CreateObject(ADODB.Connection)<BR>Conn .Open "db"<BR>Ser rs=Conn.Execute(strSQL)<BR><BR>The codes above have an disadvantage. That is, when two users access the database at the same time, if one of the users is currently using the database(that means the database is not closed yet), then an error message will be prompted if the other one tries to access the database.<BR><BR>End<BR><BR>Is it correct ?

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    This is true for MS Access. You can only access the database with the recordset object as read-only when the file is open.

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