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    Having problems formatting output to include trailing zeros.<BR>I have a row inside an SQL table that is has numeric as data type. It contains values like 0.018 with a precision of 6 places so that an sql query shows 0.018000, which is what I want. But the output I get is still 0.018. I am using the expression &#060;%=Server.HTMLEncode(rs.Fields("code").Value) %&#062; to put the values into a drop-down list. How can I format my output to keep the trailing zeros? Can I remove the leading zeros? <BR><BR>I appreciate any help...

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    Look at the VBScript BUILT IN function FormatNumber in your handy dandy VBScript documentation. (And you can go to to find it if you don&#039t have it on your own machine.)<BR><BR>

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