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    Daemon Blair Guest

    Default What's the deal???

    I have two pages that use the same code for at least 80 lines. One of the pages works fine but the other come up with an error within those 80 lines that there is an object expected. I use the same include virtuals for both but for whatever reason the one page doesn&#039t want to work. Any ideas/suggestions anyone???<BR>Thanks in advance,<BR>Maddy <BR>

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    Have you found out which object it isn&#039t receiving. There has to some reason is isn&#039t seeing it. The error isn&#039t necessarily within those 80 lines. Break it down. Use some response.write sql, eof, request("..").

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    Daemon Blair Guest

    Default More info.

    Yeah I know what object. Its a function (Javascript) called CheckDates(). I couldn&#039t find it in any of the include fiels. That&#039s my guess why its not working but then on the other hand why would the other one be working?<BR>Daemon Blair.

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    Daemon Blair Guest

    Default Anyone have a bright idea???

    Anyone at all???

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    Default good old debug time

    How can we guess from what little you have shown us?<BR><BR>For example: If the function is never called in the one page, then you won&#039t see an error there. <BR><BR>But we can&#039t tell from your postings here whether that is the case or not. <BR><BR>I&#039m afraid it&#039s time for a bit of good old-fashioned debugging.<BR><BR>If this is client-side JS (sounds like it is?), then put in lots of "alert(&#039I got to here!&#039)" calls. If server-side, then a bunch of Response.Write("I&#039m at line 43!") calls.<BR><BR><BR>

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