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    Why does this not work<BR><BR>strTime = Mid(strParse, intStart, intEnd)<BR>intMinutes = cint(strTime)<BR>Response.write intMinutes & " Minutes"<BR><BR>All I get is the " Minutes" <BR>And I know that strTime has a value of 683 in it.

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    Default How sure are you?

    Try the following two things:<BR>1) Put a cStr() on your intMinutes when you write it. It&#039s not an integer at that point in time anyway.<BR>2) Instead of writing intMinutes, write strTime. There aren&#039t any extra spaces in there, are there? (And you didn&#039t set "on error resume next, did you?)<BR><BR>Okay, *three* things... -ahem- No One Expects The SPGish Inquisition! [Sorry, just had to be done after that error handling bit.]<BR>

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