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    Terri King Guest

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    We have a portal that uses asp COM objects (like aspdns.dll, comhttp, comldap etc) on IIS 4.0 /NT 4.0 Service pack 5.0. In the recent months it has been experiencing performance problems - request executing goes up to 40 (it has 4 processors, inetinfo each set to 10 threads) after few thousands hits it eventually (the web server/IIS Admin services) hangs or dies. Does anyone have any idea or know of a tool that might help me capture what part of code the problem lies in? Thanks in advance!<BR><BR>Terri King

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    SteveC Guest

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    First of all, you need to get rid of SP 5 and install SP6a. There are security holes in 5 (such as access to your ASP code by typing ::$DATA at the end of your URL)<BR><BR>You&#039re getting these problems after a few thousand hits? I&#039m assuming your getting great performance after a reboot? If so, sounds like one of your COM objects has a memory leak. Ask your COM programmers to look into this.

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    Terri King Guest

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    Good point. But not true. Performance does not get better after reboot because ASP requests are being qued as it comes up and hits the web service killing it again. You are close on memory leak on COM object but it is hard to say WHICH ONE since there are MANY of them running...

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