20 ASP specialists available for assignments within the European Union and with special arrangements also in US and Canada.<BR><BR>Within the union no hassle with work permits or nothing. You just tell us what needs to be done - onsite or off - and we&#039ll do it.<BR><BR>Excellent quality, reasonable rates.<BR><BR>*ASP - we have people who&#039ve done ever since this technology became available<BR>*WebClass - the step forward from ASP, we&#039ve been doing this since this came available...<BR>*Java - especially Java-applications and servlets<BR>*HTML and DHTML - basic stuff for us<BR>*SQL - not just SQL 7, but also Oracle 8, SyBase, Solid, DB2 - we&#039ve been working on many different databases<BR>*VB5&6 - pros of VB, ever since 93...<BR>*Ansi C - If C is needed, we&#039ve got couple of good guys<BR>*C++ - same applies for C++<BR><BR><BR>To find out more, check out our website http://www.nsd.fi and go to the english section of it.<BR><BR>Best regards,<BR><BR>Ari Huczkowski<BR>General Manager<BR>NSD Ltd.<BR>Oikokatu 7<BR>05800 Hyvinkaa<BR>Finland<BR><BR>NSD - Software To Meet Your Needs!