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    I&#039m currently doing my BA in Computer Science. I picked up ASP recently when I started my internship about 6 months ago. I&#039ve developed a small, simple intranet application. <BR><BR>I am confused about working as an ASP programmer. I really love web application development, and I&#039m always learning new things. What I&#039m confused about is what can I expect when I come out of college and look for jobs? How good do you have to be for companies to want to hire you? <BR><BR>I don&#039t know (yet) how to write my own components, or manage IIS / Win NT server. I do know C++ which made it easy for me to learn ASP and VB Script. I am also trying to learn XML, and Java. Basically, the situation is I know that what I know now is not enough to land a decent web programmer position, and I&#039m pushing myself to learn as much as possible everyday. One drawback for me is that I only started programming about 2 years ago, so I&#039m very inexperienced. <BR><BR>I have been thinking( and a little worried) about this for a while, so today I thought, why not ask the people here? Any kind of advice would be greatly appreciated, really! What should I do to accellerate my learning, what should I learn first, how can I land a web programmer position by the time I graduate in two years... etc. I&#039m "lost" and confused, I&#039m sure some of you have felt this way before.<BR><BR>Thanks!<BR><BR>p.s. You may response to this or write me at . THANKS A LOT FOR ANY INPUT!

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    You&#039re doing the right things - getting your degree, doing internships, etc.<BR><BR>I would say that very few (good) companies are going to expect you to be an expert right after school. You think you&#039re learning alot now, just wait until you&#039re a fresh-out at a software development company surrounded by engineers who have been doing this for years.<BR><BR>Try to stay up on new technologies, especially if you want to do web work. Be careful though - don&#039t pigeon-hole yourself so that that&#039s all you can do. I was in a similar boat, wanting to do web applications all the time. After some C++ work at the company I&#039m at, I did a few years worth of web apps (ASP, Netscape LiveWire, etc). About a year ago, I got tired of it. ASP is fun, but I missed doing REAL development. Fortunately my job allows a lot of variety, and I&#039m writing real code again and I can take a break from scripting world.<BR><BR>Keep doing what you&#039re doing. Being a fresh-out, you&#039ll have an entry level position, and that&#039s where you really start to find out what you need to know.<BR><BR>Matt

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