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    i would like to provide a counter for my clients and i don know how to do it especially on how client-side link to my server -side processing<BR><BR>most of the other counter providers just provide a line of HTML code for the clients to paste unto their page..<BR>e.g &#060;img src=""&#062;<BR><BR>can you explain the back-end processing behind this code?

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    the counters are stored in application variable in global.asa file.. so when the user first requests ur web page e.g the application variables r activated which r initially set to zero.. and as soon as the default.asp is called the value in default.asp is incremented.. the incremented value stays in the global variable.<BR><BR>hope this makes sense to u .. i am bad at explaining .:)<BR>take care<BR><BR>brij<BR>

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    Default RE: (brij) thanx..but problems..STILL NEEDING HELP

    i understand what u trying to say...but i am trying to link users to my server and process a counter for them and i want them just to copy a line of HTML code (not ASP) unto their HTML page so that they can run a counter on the client side..<BR><BR>try out and check out the counters they provide for u...TAKE NOTE AT THE CODE THAT THEY PROVIDE YOU..<BR><BR>i&#039m trying to do something like that but i really don know how...

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