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    Andrew Sain Guest

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    Hey guys, I am creating a software archive site where I would like to include a daily mailing list which will email my members with the additions that are added each day. I have all the logic in place except for a way to automate it. I would like for the script to execute at a set time each day, say 12:05am. I have not been able to figure out a way to do this. If anyone has any ideas please let me know at<BR>Regards,<BR>Andy

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    David brower Guest

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    Andrew, <BR>I&#039m afraid I don&#039t know off the top of my head how you automate a mail list but I know that a book from sams:E-commerce programming with ASP tells you how to do it. Sorry I can&#039t be of more help.<BR>David

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    Assuming your list would be in a db, you should be able to use Windows Scripting Host to fire off a file using the mail component of your choice. There is a nice article around here about using WSH. Good Luck!

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