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    Karthikeya venkat raman Guest

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    I would like to know if there is any component which works like the Outlook global address book. In our application there is a function which sends a mail to a given mail id, but if the mail id is wrongly typed it simply displays a "unable to send" message. Do we have a component that works like an Outlook global address book..i.e the address book pops up a window displaying the matching addresses ?.Let me know if you have<BR>come across any such component. <BR><BR>TIA<BR>karthikeya venkat raman<BR><BR>

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    Shivkumar R Guest

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    kishor Guest

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    Sorry I don&#039t have an answer to your question.<BR>But rather I need help from you.<BR>I want to send mails to clients automatically.<BR>I have tried it using cdonts but I couldn&#039t do that.<BR>You have written that you have function to send mail.<BR>If you could help me I will be greatfull to you.<BR>You can help me out by sending mail to -<BR><BR>Thanks for reading above lines.

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