The leader in providing ASP to non-IIS platforms (e.g., Linux, Solaris, HPUX, AIX, and other Web servers on NT) is looking for "developers in test."<BR><BR>This position is ideal for someone with good ASP basics who wants to sharpen her/his skills by trying to break the ASP engine and/or various components (such as ADODB). Visual design of Web pages is not so important as the ability to think in "test patterns", both black box and white box.<BR><BR>Skills needed: Programming in any popular language, though of course VBScript and JavaScript are first choices. C++ skills could be useful in building custom components. A basic understanding of how testing should work. Patience.<BR><BR>ChiliSoft, Inc., was recently acquired by the leader in the Linux "Appliance Computer" market, Cobalt Networks (NASDAQ: COBT) and offers standard industry benefits, including stock purchase, stock options, 401K, and more.<BR><BR>If interested, please send a resume (text or Word or HTML) to:<BR><BR>James Evanston<BR><BR><BR>