I am Zach Jones of Z-NET Internet Development. Below is my resume to date:<BR><BR>Accomplishments:<BR>1997:Recognized by Duke University as one of the Nation&#039s most outstanding students. Member of Duke Talent Identification Program.<BR><BR>Work:<BR>Worked with University of Alabama student to create online test-taking application. Offered full scholarship to UA, which has the nation&#039s best computer program.<BR>Currently developing site for entire city school system, still under development.<BR><BR>Knowledge:<BR>HTML:4 1/2 years.<BR>DHTML:2 years<BR>JavaScript 2 1/2 years<BR>ASP: 2 years<BR>C++: 1 year<BR><BR>Can use ADO and SQL to offer database connectivity and integration. Have programmed discussion forums, chat rooms, search engines, online messaging systems, Advertising Manager program, Windows Applications, and some custom client work. <BR><BR>Can design a basic site or develop the most complex online app.<BR><BR>Web site currently under final stages of re-construction. Please e-mail me any questions you may have. <BR><BR>Thank you,<BR>Zach Jones<BR>E-Mail : zachjones@zachjones.com<BR>