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    I&#039m trying to use astatement rs.edit <BR>I&#039m including in my page <BR>I have declared rs as a recordset<BR>I keep getting a message rs.edit - object doesn&#039t support this method - anyone know how to get this working??<BR>

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    Default No such thing as RecordSet.Edit???

    I looked into the version 2.6 ASP documentation and didn&#039t see any Edit method for *ANY* object in the stuff.<BR><BR>I find "EditMode", but that&#039s just a property and surely doesn&#039t mean what you think it does.<BR><BR>I am looking here:<BR><BR>(list of all methods and properties on ADODB.RecordSet)<BR><BR><BR>and here:<BR><BR>(list of all methods in ADODB.anything)<BR><BR><BR>and here:<BR>(list of all properties in ADODB.anything)<BR><BR><BR>If you can find "Edit" anywhere in there...well, drinks are on me.<BR><BR>

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    Default RE: No such thing as RecordSet.Edit???

    You can&#039t use RS.Edit in VBSCRIPT, I had the same problem when I switch from doing SQL updates<BR><BR>RS.Open "TableName", YourConnection , 3, 3<BR><BR>RS("somefield")="SomeText"<BR>rs.Update<B R><BR>You will need to include the file at the top of your page<BR>

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