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    Hi Guys,<BR>I have a drop down list in one form. The user does&#039nt select any particular item in the drop down list. He is given a chance to sort the order of the drop down list.Then after submitting the form, I need to print some reports based on the order of the drop down list.<BR><BR>i.e. I need to know, what is the first,second, third items etc.in the drop down list.<BR>I could get that in a javascript variable. But,<BR>But, I could not use that to check my conditions. I need them in a server side variable.<BR><BR>If I submit the first form by<BR>&#060;form name=form1 method=post action="form2.asp?document.form1.list1"&#062;<BR>t o get the list in the second form thro, request.querystring, that does&#039nt work too.<BR>can someone help please?<BR><BR>

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    Use hidden fields to store your items from the list. Before submitting your form have "onSubmit=" call a javascript function. In this function you will need to populate you hidden fields with the items from the list.

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