What I am trying to do is take all the visitor teams from the whole football season and insert them for every game for a new user when they are added to my database. There are 248 games in the season and I want to select the visitor team for each and insert those into who the user picks as the winner as the default.<BR>Here is what I was trying to do:<BR><BR>dim gc, DSN1, cnn1, rs1, qry1<BR>for gc = 1 to 248<BR>qry1(gc)="insert into userandpicks values(" & usernum & "," & gc & ",select visitorid from games where gamenum=" & gc & ")"<BR>DSN1(gc)="DSN=bookat.fast5"<BR>set cnn1(gc)=server.createobject("adodb.connection")<B R>cnn1(gc).open DSN1(gc)<BR>set rs1(gc)=cnn1(gc).execute(qry1(gc))<BR>next