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Thread: Trucating my response.form

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    Bobby C Guest

    Default Trucating my response.form

    i created the following drop down list box with the following code in a loop statement.<BR><BR>response.write("&#060;option value=" &x("full_name") &"&#062;" &x("full_name") &"&#060;/option&#062;")<BR><BR>this will put the list of users into a list box. The display of the list is fine. the response.form only gives the first name. Why? Any help would be appreciated.<BR><BR>

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    SPG Guest

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    Because the HTML value isn&#039t in quotes.<BR><BR>&#060;option value=""" & request.form("foo") & """&#062; ...<BR><BR>will solve your problem. Until a name with a quote in it shows up...

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